Washington D.C., April 05, 1999 -- XM Satellite Radio today announced a major programming agreement with CNN Newsource Sales Inc., a division of Time Warner, to carry three channels on the XM Satellite Radio service: CNNfn, The Financial Network; CNN/Sports Illustrated, The Sports News Network; and CNN en Español. The announcement was made by Susan Grant, President of CNN Newsource Sales, Inc., and Hugh Panero, President and CEO of XM Satellite Radio Inc.

"We are very pleased to offer these exciting CNN channels to consumers as part of the XM programming line-up when the service launches," said Mr. Panero. "We will be working with one of the premiere news and information organizations in the world, which will be added to the list of brand-name media programming companies already helping XM launch the next generation of audio programming."

Ms. Grant, commenting on the announcement, said, "XM allows us to bring our news content to this exciting new satellite audio medium from its inception. We are always looking for new ways to reach our audience and are excited about the opportunity to bring these services into the car."

The CNN News Group's news and information programming is currently available to more than one billion people worldwide via cable TV, satellite television, radio and television, and the Internet. The three channels joining the XM Satellite Radio revolution are at the forefront of the information age. CNNfn was the first all-digital television network in the world and the first to carry business programs in prime time. It now brings its unique brand of business news coverage to more than 11 million homes. CNN/Sports Illustrated, the 24-hour sports news network created jointly with Time Warner's Time Inc. publishing unit, is redefining coverage of sports news for its 14.5 million homes. And, CNN en Español is CNN's first independently produced 24-hour network in a language other than English, reaching some 7.6 million subscribers throughout Latin America with a growing audience in the U.S.

The Channels

CNNfn, The Financial Network

CNNfn, the financial network, airs weekdays from 6-12 a.m. CNN Financial News also produces business news programs and updates for CNN, CNN International, CNN Headline News, CNN Airport Network, CNNRadio and the Web site CNN Financial News is based in New York City. (For more information, please visit

CNN/Sports Illustrated, The Sports News Network

CNN/Sports Illustrated is the most comprehensive sports news service in television, offering 24-hour coverage of the world of sports, with in-depth reporting and live coverage of breaking news and press conferences. CNN/Sports Illustrated combines the unmatched newsgathering resources of CNN and news reports, expert analysis and unique commentary from Sports Illustrated's stable of writers, editors and reporters. (For more information, please visit

CNN en Español

CNN en Español is a 24-hour Spanish-language news service for Latin America, which offers continuous news coverage of major world events, live breaking coverage supported by in-depth analysis, world-wide business and financial news, global weather updates, sports and feature programming on such topics as health, fashion, technology, entertainment and the environment. (For more information, please visit

XM Satellite Radio An Update

In additional news from XM, Boeing's Sea Launch successfully placed a demonstration payload into geosynchronous transfer orbit on Saturday, March 27, 1999. XM's powerful satellites will be launched from this "floating platform at sea." Sea Launch, an international joint venture, was formed in April 1995 to meet growing market demand for a more affordable and reliable commercial satellite launch service. Sea Launch combines proven launch systems with marine-based operations to provide heavy-lift launch services for commercial customers around the globe. With 16 launches sold to date, the Sea Launch partnership combines the best in aerospace and marine technologies and is committed to providing superior value hardware and services.

XM Satellite Radio Inc. is owned by American Mobile Satellite Corporation (NASDAQ:SKYC) and WorldSpace, Inc. Formerly called American Mobile Radio Corporation (AMRC), the company obtained a satellite digital audio radio service (SDARS) license from the FCC in October 1997. Hughes Space & Communications International and Alcatel are building two high-powered, direct-broadcast satellites.

XM will beam up to 100 channels of digital-quality music, news, sports, talk, information and entertainment to cars, homes, and other listening environments. XM-capable radios and audio systems will be manufactured and distributed by Alpine Electronics, Inc., Pioneer Electronic Corporation and the Sharp Corporation, among others.

Committed to becoming America's "radio band of choice" by delivering the best, most compelling mix of digital-quality sound, XM will offer its crystal-clear audio service from coast-to-coast for a $10.00 monthly subscription fee. It will draw on the creative talent and expertise of some of America's top programmers and on-air talent to create and produce many of XM's nearly 100 channels in its Washington, DC, area programming center. In addition, XM is partnering with leading brand name networks such as CNNfn, CNN/Sports Illustrated and CNN en Español - to build a wide range of specialty channels. XM will deliver a combination of commercial-free and advertiser-supported channels.

First there was AM, then FM, and now XM Satellite Radio, the next generation of radio. XM's selection, quality and convenience will make it America's first choice in audio entertainment. For more information, visit