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Star To Become the Voice of Radio in Media and Promotions; Car Wash, Anyone?

Burbank, CA (September 12, 2003) – Peripatetic television personality, film star, model, columnist, clothing designer and producer Pamela Anderson can add another descriptive epithet to her biography: radio personality. Anderson will serve as host of the soon to launch SIRIUS Satellite Radio show, “Club Pam.” The national satellite broadcasting service offers listeners 60 commercial free music and 40+ news, sports and entertainment channels, or streams, 24 / 7.

Anderson made the announcement this evening on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. What exactly will she be doing for SIRIUS? Well, all the things listeners DREAM she would do for them, of course! Her role will include storyteller as well as advice goddess to live call in audiences. In addition, she’ll be the subject of (and the grand prize for) a key contest, which will begin shortly. The grand prize has Anderson hosting a beach party for listeners/subscribers early next year. In addition, there will be runner up prizes, which will include such outlandish events as having Anderson as your personal car washer and also join you as a personal groupie. As they say, she’ll come to your gig and listen appreciatively, but she won’t be in your video.

The centerpiece of Anderson’s involvement with SIRIUS will be her hour-long weekly radio show, “Club Pam.” Airing Fridays on SIRIUS Talk, stream 146, at 5 p.m., ET and re-aired at 6 p.m. PT, Pamela will seduce listeners with personal advice, anecdotes, interviews and call-ins.


SIRIUS provides more than 100 streams of digital-quality entertainment with an unparalleled selection of 60 streams of 100% commercial-free music, plus 40+ streams of sports, news, and entertainment programming. Broadcasting from state-of-the-art studios in the heart of NYC, SIRIUS uses three high-orbiting satellites to deliver its unique listening experience 24-hours a day coast-to-coast.

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